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Elevating Your Wedding Centerpiece Decor

There are so many reasons for wanting lofty table decor for your wedding reception. From a practical standpoint, a high centerpiece allows for more space below to accommodate ever-flowing drinks and cuisine. They command attention in your ballroom and leave an enduring impression on your guests. Centerpiece vases are available in various heights, materials, and colors such as gold, silver, bronze, and black to accentuate any color pallet.

Not just for reception!

Tall Centerpieces are not just for the reception! This captivating use of tall centerpieces in a ceremony can add drama and elegance to any space. We love the use of voluminous roses for these arrangements decorating the aisle at this wedding ceremony to create a sense of natural romance.

Be creative with placement!

A big beautiful arrangement before your guests even sit down can set the tone for a remarkable evening at your wedding. There are so many wonderful design options with tall floral arrangements that it is easy to achieve the look you want no matter the theme! From wild garden inspired celebrations to sleek modern parties we can create a truly unique, mesmerizing arrangement that is sure to leave your guests awe struck.

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