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About The Orchid Luxury Flower Design

Flower Arrangements

  Hello my name is Matt, I'm the entrepreneur and designer behind The Orchid Luxury Flower Design. If someone had told me I would be a wedding florist before I had started in this industry I absolutely would not have believed them. I started to get familiar with plants when I did landscape work and design for my mother's wedding business. One day I was with my mother while she was buying flowers to make a brides bouquet and boutonniere for a client and we noticed I had a very good eye for picking out the best flowers available. She showed me some basics of making bouquets and I was actually able to make them better than her. I was like hey, this is cool. Word got around of my flower work and on that valentines day I ended up making and selling some arrangements to friends and family. This is when things started to get serious. I realized I really had a talent for designing flowers. I was very lucky that my mother had a connection to a designer named David Kimmel. He taught me so much about flower design and I got some great opportunities to work on wedding flowers for his business. I've also worked with and learned from local shops and from an international designer named Preston Bailey. As I was getting more and more gigs, I decided it was time to formally open my own business instead of working under my mother's business.

  I choose the name of my business because of hobby I've had for the last year or so. I cultivate orchids and tropical plants in a specially climate controlled spare bedroom in my home. In the grow room I currently have about 90 species of orchids. I also grow some night blooming cactuses, a coffee plant, and a cavendish banana plant. These wonderful plants come from tropical regions all over the world. No I do not sell them, they are my babies. Every plant has its own individual needs and watering schedules that I maintain. I could write a book just on the care requirements for my small collection. It's hard work and very complicated but these breathtaking flowers are worth it. 

  From my time landscaping, reading pages of stock market like price charts for flowers, and cultivation of my plants I've gained a lot (A LOT) of knowledge about plants. I've read many books about plant biology and physiology in addition to the extensive research I've done on college databases and highly credible scientific websites.

  Most people do not know the thousands of varieties of flowers available for design. Not to mention the thousands more that aren't. That's okay! That's what I'm here for! I help clients navigate the complexities of the flower industry with ease.

  I love my job. I really don't feel I've ever "worked" doing this.  I've also meet and worked with so many incredible brides and couples. We've worked together to make beautiful design after beautiful design for their wedding. I hope to continue to delight my clients beyond their expectations. 

Wedding Embrace
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